About State Fund

State Fund is the largest provider of workers’ compensation insurance in California. State Fund plays a stabilizing role in California’s economy by maintaining an open door policy, ensuring all employers have a strong and stable option for their workers’ compensation needs.


Developing and implementing an effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) can seem like an overwhelming task — particularly for a small business owner, but it doesn’t have to be. In my last post, I wrote the following summary describing what an IIPP is, and now I’ll address the next step to creating your IIPP.


We are pleased to share State Fund’s 2012 annual report with you. State Fund has implemented significant changes to our operations and business processes in order to fulfill our role as the fair-priced leader. We are proud to report that at the end of 2012, we began to realize our vision of a more effective State Fund, and that we are on a sustainable path to become the competitive, agile carrier envisioned by our core mission.


I think it’s fair to say that employers and employees value workplace safety and are willing to do what they reasonably can to avoid workplace accidents and work-related illnesses. Yet most of the supervisors and managers I know who have had an accident occur on their watch have found in hindsight that they could have done more to prevent it.


California’s “underground economy” refers to businesses and individuals paying their workers in cash and using other schemes to reduce their tax liability by avoiding paying payroll taxes, workers’ compensation insurance, and other expenses mandated by federal and state regulations – and it’s wreaking havoc on the state’s already fragile economy.

In the workers’ compensation industry, the underground economy often manifests itself in the underreporting or misreporting of payroll, meaning companies do not have the workers’ comp insurance required to protect their workers. In 2011, the Department of Industrial Relations reviewed records from 1,500 companies and found that nearly one-third lacked the legally required workers’ comp insurance coverage.

State Compensation Insurance Fund is not a branch of the State of California.